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I promise it won’t be as bad as you think.
(I’m looking mostly at you, fellas.)
Our session will be more like hanging out
and less like work. Pinky promise.
The best thing to do is just relax and enjoy it.
Get snuggly… don’t be afraid to look silly… and don’t worry too much about posing.
That’s my job. I got you, boo.
(Plus, you’re already foxy… my job is easy.)
If all else fails, beer helps. Or whiskey.

no matching

Just don’t do it. Please and Thank You.
If you show up in matching white shirts
and khaki pants I will stare awkwardly.
(For no less than five minutes straight.
Without blinking to up the awkward factor.)
Coordinating is great. Matching is not.
The camera loves saturated colors.
A good note is to wear something that
makes you feel like a total badass
or a million dolla-dolla-billzzz.

what are we doing

I realize standing in a parking garage is nuts.
“This alley looks totally sketchy.”
I promise it looks great. Trust me.
We’re going to walk around. A lot.
I’m going to ask you to do weird stuff.
It’s all about the moments in-between.
“Lifestyle Sessions” are activity-based.
You’ll pick what we do.
Let’s get those real smiles.
AND have fun doing it.


You bet your sweet arrrssss I do.
I have a pretty huge case of wanderlust
and if you want me there, I can be there.
We can make it happen.
I’ll pack my suitcase now.
Travel fees are pretty minimal to most places
and there are NO travel fees for
Virginia, DC, the OBX, or Maryland.
If you would like more information
feel free to shoot me a message at


Good News: You always get the digitals!
And a print release for printing.
(And posting so you can show those bad boys off as much as you’d like!)
You will receive all of your images edited.
And in high resolution.
They’ll come to your inbox as a pretty
sweet online gallery and you’ll be able to
download all the goodness yourself.
Back ’em up. Print ’em out.
Professional prints and albums are available.

be yourself

You are pretty awesome.
The last thing I would want is for your
photos to not represent who you are.
(That whole “honest portraiture” thing.)
Let’s make photos that show you off.
The outfits. The location… just be you.
Coffee Shops. Board Games. Skateboards.
Craft Beer. Netflix. Mad Hackey Sack Skills.
Yes, Please. Whatever is you.
Let’s do that.
Your story should be told.

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